Maker Stories



Meet the makers of our home goods dust bags

Creamos ("we create" in Spanish) is a multi-service nonprofit organization situated in Zone 3 of Guatemala City. Located beside the Guatemala City Garbage Dump (GCGD), the largest dump in Central America, Creamos' mission is to empower the community by providing access to workforce training, emotional support, accelerated education, and employment opportunities. 

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Dyed in the Wool

Meet the natural dye experts:
Green Matters.

Green Matters' mission is to bring pollution-free color to the textile industry by using all-natural dye ingredients. They champion an alternative to harmful dyes that resonates with our shared vision of sustainable fashion.

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Wool Dryer Puffs

As a child, I lived on a farm where I worked my way up my parent’s cautiously enacted responsibility ladder. This involved looking after chickens, then rabbits and eventually to raising my own sheep. I now operate Harmony Heritage Farm with my husband, Richie, and our adopted daughter, Marilyn. 

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From Sheep To Bobbin

A Wool Story

A town in earlier days known for its booming mill village.For generations, the S&D Mill and the Dearnley Family have been spinning wool throughout their four-story brick building in the heart of Millbury, Massachusetts.

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Ibex Ambassadors

Iditarod Trail Invitational Recap

With Miron Golfman

16 Days, 5hrs, 10min, 30 seconds. The time it took Ibex Ambassador, Miron Golfman, to finish the Iditarod Trail Invitational 1000. A bike, ski, or foot race from Knik to Nome.

The Iditarod Trail Invitational (ITI) is not just a race; it's a saga of endurance, strategy, and the unyielding spirit of adventure. Year after year, it captivates the imagination of enthusiasts worldwide, pushing the boundaries of human capability amidst the unforgiving Alaskan wilderness. This year's edition was no exception, with Alaskans Miron Golfman and Tyson Flaharty emerging victorious in the grueling 1000-mile race, showcasing a blend of determination, preparation, and camaraderie.

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Ibex Ambassador

Miron is A 30-Year-Old adventurous cyclist who hails from the picturesque landscapes of Southern Vermont and now lives in the rugged wilderness of Anchorage, AK. His journey as an ultra endurance cyclist has been nothing short of extraordinary. Growing up surrounded by nature's beauty, Miron's passion for competitive bike racing blossomed during his college years.

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Ibex Ambassador

Hey y'all! My name is Kyle Redberg, and this is my partner in action, Taj. We are full-time van lifers who are on the move, traveling from state to state in search of the perfect weather and the perfect boulders to climb. Taj and I met 4 years ago when we started this life on the road together. We mainly spend our summers in the mountains of Montana.

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Ibex Ambassador

I am currently based in Vail, Colorado. Outside the hustle and bustle of the resort, there are endless opportunities for outdoor adventure. From amazing backcountry skiing, to rock climbing, mountain biking, and world class white water, there’s always the opportunity to try something new or take your skills to new heights without much travel.

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The Iditarod Trail with Ibex Ambassador, Adrian Barniak

Every spring folks from town head out to the Iditarod trail to make the historic 1,000 mile trip across interior Alaska from Willow to McGrath and eventually up to Nome. Every spring folks from town head out to the Iditarod trail to make the historic 1,000 mile trip across interior Alaska from Willow to McGrath and eventually up to Nome. 

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Trip Reports

Middle of Somewhere

In the Cabeza Prieta Wilderness

803,149 is a number perhaps too big to comprehend. If we were talking about money, then I’d have some sense of wealth, but in this case, we’re talking acres of land. I’ll try for some helpful comparisons to put it in perspective. That number would get you to a landmass a little bigger than Rhode Island, though not quite Delaware. It also equates to a terrestrial square with sides roughly 40 miles long. Or, 30 times the size of Disney World. But more specifically, it’s the size of the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge down on the Arizona-Mexico international border, home to the 9th largest wilderness in the United States.

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In alaska, the run of a lifetime

A 50K trail built by an inspired community

A gale was shaking the floatplane as the pilot eased into a downward spiral towards Taylor Bay. A typical morning in Alaska in July, I thought, bracing against the window, looking down through the scratched plexiglas as each spiral painted more detail into the remote Alaskan cove. A salt marsh covered by high tide bled ochre tendrils of salt grass into the steel-blue Pacific.

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A Family Journey

Retracing a Wartime Bike Ride

In the spring of 1940, my grandmother is 26. She leaves her home and elementary school teacher position in Verneuil-sur-Avre in Normandy to flee occupied France by the Nazis. She uses her bike to travel across the country to meet with her son and parents in law in the south of France. Around that time, millions of people were fleeing the Northern part of Europe to the South. 


Hindsight is always 10a

Trip report with Holly Yu Tung Chen

The local climbers always had their sayings. Moab folks would say, "when the license plate turns green, you know it's fall." Montana climbers boasted about how happy they were to be out of the limelight; no one knew about their hidden little gem of a crag. Rifle climbers said, "the better you are at climbing, the more fun you will have."


Good Walking and Clear Water

Trip report from the Brooks Range

In August of 2015, Sarah and I traveled to the villages of Noatak and Kivalina, northwestern Alaska, as part of the Skiku / NanaNordic volunteer program. These programs provide skis and coaches to village schools throughout Alaska. Skiku has been successful, in large part due to its consistency...



Trip Report from Pico de Orizaba with Steven Reinhold & Lee Trebotich

Cosmic is the word that comes to mind in describing that moment when you first lay eyes on your mountain objective. That first glimpse sets off a mixture of emotions ranging from “What was I thinking” to “I got this". All of our dreams, all of our hard-work, and all of our hours spent training lead up to this moment and this one gut reaction.

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On assignment with Ibex photographer

Traditionally, the end of a season is defined by the quarterly transition of sunlight caused by the Earth's tilt and its annual revolution around the sun. These seasonal transitions bring many opportunities for change...

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The Great Paddle

Circumnavigating Great Wass Island

Whoosh. The bow of my kayak pointed skywards momentarily, before leveling off on the crest of a wave. I quickly glanced to my left, where Cam paddled some six feet below me, in the adjacent trough.



10 day walk in the English Cotswolds

It never occurred to me until I was surrounded on a grassy pasture in rural England to wonder how a sheep might feel to see a hiker wearing wool. I had just passed through a gate marked with the Cotswold Way’s signature upside-down acorn trail marker...


Photo Stories

Trail Days

with Vermont River Conservancy

At Ibex, we believe in the power of community and conservation. As part of our commitment to connecting with our communities and supporting environmental efforts, we recently participated on a volunteer day with Vermont River Conservancy (VRC). Our mission for the day was to assist in the upkeep of the North Branch Cascades Trail, a stunning trail that follows the North Branch of the Winooski River.

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Photo Journal Guatemala 2023

As a completely remote team it is crucial to collaborate and create in person and we try to meet up at least 2 times a year. Rachel, our Creative Marketing Manager, spends most of her year in Antigua, Guatemala and we decided to take advantage of the 'Land of Eternal Spring' to photograph our warm weather gear.

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Like Clockwork

Photo journal from Last Skier Standing

It’s 6am on Monday, the third consecutive day of The Last Skier Standing (LSS) event. After almost two whole days spent skiing came the 46th lap with racers: Brody Leven, Ben Eck, and Rich Connell remaining from a field of what was close to 100 skiers and riders on the first day.

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