That’s why we’re committed to leading the charge for ethical apparel and amplifying the message to buy less, buy better.

We keep great company
(and not just our sheep)

We only partner with suppliers who share our commitment to supporting the wellbeing of the global community. We ensure everybody who works on Ibex products, wherever they are, does so in a fair, safe, non-discriminatory and empowering workplace. It’s all part of our goal to create and supply the highest quality, most ethically sound apparel possible.

We’d be nude without our sheep

That’s why we love and care about their health and their home. All of our wool comes from Australia and New Zealand. That means all farms are regularly checked to ensure their sheep are treated with respect, and best practices are adopted in the protection of the land.

Everyone has a Footprint

We’re striving to make ours as soft as our sheep. The apparel industry accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions and remains the second largest industrial polluter, second to oil. Even though we only contribute a small fraction to that number we know that everyone has a choice and we're taking action. That means we’ll be measuring our carbon footprint, partnering with our supply chain to reduce where we can and offsetting the rest. Now and Forever.

Our Story

Why name a merino wool performance apparel company after a goat? To us, it makes complete sense. While sheep are known to traverse mountains, the Ibex Goat is more agile. Active? If you call a goat that can climb sheer rock faces active, then yes. Whatever the weather or occasion, Ibex has you covered. Just as the Ibex goat migrates according to seasons, Ibex activewear was born for the modern migration from highrise to mountaintop – and everywhere in between. The range is equally suited to mountaineering, corporate orienteering, or your favorite restaurant. Part activewear, part urban performance wear, each garment features fine tailoring paired with the benefits of nature’s original performance fiber – merino wool. Co-founded by an avid mountain climber, yet equipped for urban adventure, Ibex withstands the demands of today.
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