How to Care for Merino

Our guide to washing and caring for your merino (because even seasoned wool wearers have questions sometimes) to keep your merino garments looking great and standing the test of time. 

How to properly wash your merino garments:

  • Turn your garments inside out (including your socks!) to avoid pilling.
  • Machine-wash gentle, warm or cool. Avoid heat as that can shrink wool!
  • Avoid bleach and fabric softener that can harm merino wool fibers and reduce your garment’s effectiveness in managing moisture and regulating temperature. Use mild soap.
  • Tumble dry low if you have to, however air drying is best, not only for the environment but for the integrity of your products over a long period of time. Make sure to check the label, as a few of our products shouldn’t be put in the dryer at all. When air drying, just lay your garments flat. Hanging wet wool can distort the shape of the garment.

How to Store Wool Garments

Whether you’re a first time buyer or you have a closet full of merino, it’s important to know how to properly store your garments to give you a lifetime of wear. 

  • Before you store your merino, make sure the garment has been cleaned.
  • Store garments flat, if possible. Don’t ball up your socks.
  • Use vacuum-packed bags or a cotton storage bag.

Pilling: How to prevent it and how to treat it

Pilling is a natural process in wool garment, and is not a reflection of garment quality. While merino wool is known to be the least pilling wool fiber, pilling still may occur as shorter fibers rise to the surface of the garment.How you can reduce pilling:

  • Turn your garments inside out before washing
  • Wash on a gentle cycle
  • Wash with coarser fabrics, like denim (make sure all zippers are closed first, to prevent snagging)

Pilling can be treated using a lint roller, a fabric comb, or, for larger pills, a pill shaver.

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