mixing the best of human innovation with the best of what nature has to offer

There has undeniably been a shocking lack of innovation in the world of apparel. Take, for example, the stagnation in ring spinning technology over the past 200 years. We find ourselves using the same methods employed two centuries ago to spin yarn, which is the very foundation of textile creation.

It's a perfect illustration of the consequences when large conglomerates dominate entire sectors, as is the case with many brands in the outdoor industry. As a small, privately-owned brand, we have the privilege of investing in cutting-edge technologies and innovative processes, unburdened by the margin constraints and limitations that publicly traded companies often face.

Ibex Labs represents not only a challenge to our industry but also to ourselves, compelling us to continuously grow and experiment. We, as a team, firmly believe in the ethos that we would rather be better tomorrow than satisfied today. Labs is designed to keep us on this unceasing journey of improvement.

Experiment One: Dyed in the Wool 

A one-time run of one-of-a-kind sweatshirts and joggers, using Indigofera tinctoria and Acacia catechu. These natural dyes adapt and change over time with each individual wearer, meaning the experiment is never over.
 Hand-dyed by Green Matters Natural Dye Company in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Launches September 15, 2023 at 7PM ET

Meet the Makers: Green Matters

Introducing the natural dye experts at Green Matters, who meticulously hand-dyed our Dyed in the Wool collection. Since their establishment in 2015, Green Matters has consistently led the way in exploration, research, and innovation, enriching the world of natural dyeing from their headquarters nestled in Gap, PA—a charming town in the heart of Amish Country, home to approximately 2,600 people.

Experiment One

Dyed in the Wool

Launches September 15, 2023 at 7:00PM ET

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