Why Merino is Great Year-Round

If you only think of sweaters and cold weather when you hear someone talking about merino, you’re missing out on a secret weapon. Just as thin merino layers can keep you warm in the winter, they can also help you stay cool in the hot summer heat.

The reason why is fairly simple: The makeup of merino enables clothing made from these ultra-thin, super-soft fibers to wick moisture away from your body, keeping you dry and cool even on sunny, sweaty days. 

The Hero Material

The incredible, natural fabric we make from the wool of Australian merino sheep is the silent hero in your wardrobe. Think of it like the kid in your biology class who always carried the group projects (or maybe that was you? Yeah, it was probably you). It keeps you cool on hot days and warm on cold days, kind of like magic.

But here’s a bit of science behind it: 

The Traveler’s Secret Weapon

Wool is naturally odor-repellent, which means you can work up as much of a sweat as you want, and your layers just won’t get stinky the same way polyester does. This makes merino the hero of the experienced traveler’s suitcase. One or two merino tees and pairs of leggings can do the job of a week’s worth of cotton, so you can pack less, launder less, and live and explore more.

We travel, live and sleep in our Ibex baselayers, and we’re not exaggerating when we say that. Our team meetings are full of confessions about wearing the Essentials Cami nearly 24/7 for a full week straight—on trains, at dinners, on hikes, and in bed—or packing just two pairs of wool briefs and washing them in the hotel sink every other day. Wool layers just work, and that’s the truth.

Most outdoor enthusiasts have at least one garment made of Merino wool in their closet or drawer. But more than likely, it’s a tight-fitting base layer intended to be worn beneath a heavy down winter coat or a pair of durable socks meant to keep feet protected inside hiking boots. After all, this particular type of wool can keep you exceptionally warm.

However, while it’s often associated with base layers designed to keep toasty in cold winters, you can wear Merino wool in summer as well. Made from no ordinary wool, Ibex Merino comes from New Zealand and Australian-raised sheep, which are pretty happy roaming lands through frigid -4°F winters and blistering hot 95°F and hotter summers. So take it from the sheep – this breathable, moisture-wicking and insulating fiber can be enjoyed in all seasons. 

Can You Wear Merino Wool in Summer? Absolutely!

With highly versatile features, Merino wool is fully capable of being worn year-round. Whether it’s a tight-fitting sport bra or underwear or a first layer T-shirt with a hoodie, Merino wool has you covered. 

Wear Merino Wool All-Year Round with Ibex