Wool Dryer Puffs

Made by lydia, richie & Marilyn of Harmony Heritage farm

Lydia tevis 〡 November 1st, 2022

Meet the makers: harmony heritage farm

Marylyn & Lydia photographed by Skylar Coonan

As a child, I lived on a farm where I worked my way up my parent’s cautiously enacted responsibility ladder. This involved looking after chickens, then rabbits and eventually to raising my own sheep. I now operate Harmony Heritage Farm with my husband, Richie, and our adopted daughter, Marilyn. Together we own thirty sheep and forty cows that we rotate around the collective two hundred acres in these hills of South Western Washington. 

We’ve learned how to create the best environment for diversity and drought resistance in fields and forests, which in turn sequesters carbon from the atmosphere and supports more life than before. Our animals fertilize and massage the sod with their hooves, deepening roots, building topsoil, and encourage healthy microbial life. Through biodiversity and careful stewardship, our greatest desire is to serve the families in our community with regenerative grazing, production of local and nutritious food, and pasture restoration. 

Owning our farm helps us appreciate all of the hard work that goes into every resource that we use to sustain our lives and our farm. With our wool products for example, it takes commitment to raise a lamb and to shear, wash, card, spin and felt the wool in order to generate the fished product. Our products are all natural and eliminate the need for dryer sheets making them an eco-friendly choice for your laundry loads. 

We believe in creating natural home products that protect the earth! Check out our wool dryer puffs that give you a reason to smile on laundry day.

Wool Puff Process

- Raise a lamb and give them a flower crown.
- Shear the lamb
- Soak and rinse the wool
- Card and comb 
- Allow the wool to dry
- Build the puff ball shape
- Agitate with hot water and soap
- Set the shape in the dryer
- Needle felt the faces on for the finishing touch

Video and process details provided by Lydia 

our favorite stocking stuffers:

Dryer Puffs

Handmade by Lydia Tevis of Harmony Heritage Farm in South Western Washington. These fun puffs eliminate the need for dryer sheets, reduce static and pilling in garments. 

Quick Link

100% merino wool that is soft on skin. Quick links help keep your face and neck protected from the elements all year long. 

knit logo beanie

Single layer 100% merino hat with the Heritage Ibex Logo. Makes a great pair with the quick link for ultimate performance protection and comfort.