Miron Golfman〡 June 7th, 2023 
Photos from Ibex Ambassador Adrian Barniak

Miron is A 30-Year-Old adventurous cyclist who hails from the picturesque landscapes of Southern Vermont and now lives in the rugged wilderness of Anchorage, AK. His journey as an ultra endurance cyclist has been nothing short of extraordinary. Growing up surrounded by nature's beauty, Miron's passion for competitive bike racing blossomed during his college years. It was during a transformative period working in Moab, UT, where his heart was captivated by mountain biking. Fueling his newfound love, Miron eagerly joined his college cycling team, dedicating two remarkable years to testing his skills on the tracks.

In 2020, Miron took a break from his career as an outdoor instructor to be a live-in caregiver for his uncle, Bruce, who was diagnosed with ALS in the fall of 2017. Following these months of becoming intimately aware of ALS, Miron went on a personal bikepacking expedition on The Baja Divide. While on this trip, he was able to reflect on his time living with and caring for Bruce and the larger reality of watching someone so close battle a devastating progressive neuromuscular disease. These impactful events motivated Miron to live life to the fullest and not delay his lifelong dream of pursuing ultra-endurance cycling.

After a year of racing, Miron returned to Baja in January 2022, setting a new world record on the Baja Divide route while also successfully raising funds and awareness for ALS through the Ride To Endure project. Taking on the second Ride To Endure campaign in March of this year Miron set a new course record and won the 2022 Iditarod Trail Invitation across Alaska. To date, the Ride to Endure project has raised over $90,000 to support those battling ALS! If you are interested in learning more about the Ride to Endure project, you can visit this page: ridetoendure.com.

Tour Divide:

On June 9th, Miron will be joining the Grand Depart of the Tour Divide bikepacking race. The Tour Divide is arguably the most iconic ultra-endurance bike race in the world. Spanning roughly 2,700 miles, the route starts in Banff, Alberta, and finishes in Antelope Wells, New Mexico, following the continental divide. The Tour Divide is bound to be the greatest test of grit and strength Miron has taken on to date. Ibex is stoked to be partnering with Miron as he takes on this epic journey! 

The gear list:


Bike Frame: 9ZERO7
Passage Wheels: Nexte carbon rims
Hubs: F - Son Dynamo
R - RaceFace VaultTires:Tervail Rutland 700x47
Fork: Carbon 9ZERO7
Factory Drivetrain: Shimano GRX 810, 48-31T, cassette 11-40T
Brake: Shimano GRX 810
Handlebar: Rtichey WCS carbon Venturemax 46mm
Seatpoast: Easton EC70 carbon
Saddle: SQ Lab 610 15
Rack: Tailfin Frame bag -Feedbag - Revelate Mountain x2Top- Tube bag: Revelate Mag-Tank 2000 bolt-on
Light: K-light MTB front and rear dynamo lights & Finix HM61R V2.0 helmet light
GPS: Wahoo Roam
Camera: GoPro Max


Socks: thin wool (x2), mid weight wool (sleeping), neoprene (x1)
Leg warmers
Running shorts
Rain pants 3/4
Sun sleeves
Bike Jersey
Wind vest
Rain jacket
Gloves: fingerless, full finger, neoprene (warm)
Sun hat
Sun glasses/clear lens
Bike shoes
Sun screen
Tooth brush
Sleeping bag 18°
Bladder and pack


*Mens Woolies Tech 3/4 Bottom
*Mens Woolies Tech Boxer Brief (x2)
*Mens Journey Short Sleeve Crew
*Mens Sun Hoodie
*Mens Wool Aire Hoodie
*Indie Quick Link Neck Gaiter
*Woolies Tech Beanie

Sleep & Nutrition: 

Miron is in it to win it! With a minimal sleep system of an 18° sleeping bag and ground cloth, thats it! No sleeping pad, no cooking supplies, not even a bivy. Miron will carry all his food and water, re-supplying every day when he passes through towns on the route. Miron’s goal is to get 4-6 hours of sleep a night, stopping places he can ensure a dry semi-warm sleep, whether that be squatting in a pit-toilet or taking it easy in a hotel room. When it comes to nutrition the goal is simple, EAT!! Eat like it’s your job, on the hour, every hour. Miron will aim to eat 250 - 350 calories every hour he rides. If possible, Miron will try to eat at least one real meal a day.

Q&A before the tour divide: 

Q: What are the biggest anticipated obstacles?

A (Miron): Managing an injury free race is my biggest fear. Given the length and intensity of this race, the likelihood of developing an overuse injury is high. Overcoming daily aches and pains is par for the course, but if I develop tendentious in one of my joints, for example, that could significantly slow me down or even end my race.

Q: What sections of the race are you nervous about?

A: The Tour Divide is long and has a lot of elevation. More than a specific section of the course I anticipate the crux of the race will come in the days around the half way mark. Best case scenario, I will complete the race in two weeks. And I know from experience that racing beyond 7 days is really tough, so I know I will have significant mental hurdles to overcome at that 7-day, half-way point. If I had to name one specific section that could be really challenging, it would be encountering a head wind through the Great Basin.

What advice do you have for newer long distance bike racers?

A: One of my biggest challenges in getting to where I am in this sport has been figuring out a successful relationship with fuel and nutrition. Ultimately food is very personal—what works is going to be different for every person, and what I eat often changes from event to event. The key is consistent fuel intake so I eat what I crave at the time. That often means I’m carrying a bit more food than I need so that I have options and avoid feeling “food stressed” aka stressed that I might run out.

History with Ibex

I got my first piece of ibex clothing when I was in high school. My mom gave me a hooded indie for Christmas. I still have it and have absolutely loved it to literal pieces. It remains my favorite backcountry ski base layer. A few years ago once the sleeves blew out beyond repair I turned it into a short sleeve and it’s still kicking, in fact it kept me warm this winter as I made my way across Alaska on the Iditarod trail. I’m so excited to be working with ibex and representing a brand that I can wear with pride when on and off my bike. I’m honed to partner with a company that shares my values of making a positive impact in the world! 

What's Next? 

Following the Tour Divide Miron will be spending his summer is Colorado, living and training at altitude. He plans to race the Colorado Trail Race in August, The Vermont Super 8 in September, and the Arizona Trail Race in October. Once the race season is over Miron will return home to Alaska for a winter of skiing and being with his community! Follow Miron's adventures on Instagram @Miron_Golfman and the Tour Divide updated tracking here: Track Miron.

Miron's Ibex FAVORITES:


"It’s like I’m wearing a weightless comfortable warm pillow around my upper body. I love that the style of this puffy makes it feel like you’re wearing a normal hoodie. Plus I dig the colors!!!"

indie hoodie 

"It’s my new favorite safety blanket. From the thumb holes on the sleeves, to the hood the zips up to you’re chin. This hoodie is an everyday essential item and it makes me feel so warm, safe and ready for all adventures." 

Journey Shortsleeve

"Light, comfortable and stylish is the name of the game with this T-shirt. I love wearing it at camp but I especially like trail running in my Journey. Helps me stay cool and feel fast! "