Ibex wool is no ordinary wool. It’s New Zealand and Australian-grown Merino – a natural high-performance fiber. Merino Sheep live through cold winters -4°F and hot summers +95°F wearing the same, woolly smile. So, whatever the weather or occasion, Ibex has you covered. Just as our namesake, the Ibex goat, migrates according to seasons, the Ibex brand was born for the modern migration from office to mountaintop, and everywhere in between-- the perfect combination of fashion and function.



Nature’s Fiber is Super Thermoregulating

Designed in nature to keep sheep warm in temperatures as low as -4F and cool in temperatures up to 95F, merino is an active fiber that reacts to changes in body temperature. The natural crimp in wool adds durability and elasticity, while moisture wicking and ‘heat of sorption’ qualities work to thermoregulate the body so in winter you’ll be warm, and in summer you’ll stay cool.

Merino won’t sweat it.

Don’t let moisture get between you and comfort. Ibex merino defies clammy, damp and sweaty with its naturally breathable fiber. While synthetic fabrics can wick away sweat, Merino keeps the body cool during exercise by trapping moisture and releasing it as vapor before it even turns to sweat. It’s science. And the answer for sweat-free train trips, and commuting (running) from meeting to meeting. Cycle to work? Go from bike to desk, no sweat.

Woolly, minus the mammoth odor.

Wool’s natural ability to manage moisture means odor-causing bacteria are stopped in their tracks. Wear it during intense activity, and over extended periods of time, and never be on the nose. And you’ll get more than one wear from your shirt. Light merino is the perfect choice for seasoned (but not overly spicy) travelers, and those on the go, riding to work, exploring a big city on foot or travelling with limited luggage.


The versatile fabric for
nomadic humans

Merino is a breed of fine-wool sheep, particularly well adapted to semiarid climates and nomadic pasturing. Which makes merino wool, with its ability to absorb 30% of its dry weight in moisture, equally suitable for nomadic humans. So whether you’re a nomadic herdsman, or you’re just wandering the hallways of your apartment building, merino performs to keep you comfortable. It’s versatile, multi-seasonal wear designed for wherever life takes you. From the gym to brunch, running errands to hiking up a mountain.

Hoof it anywhere and travel light

When you travel with our finely spun, light Merino Australian wool, you won’t feel the weight of the world. Just as well, because lugging cumbersome clothing around on your person or in a heavy suitcase is no fun for anybody. Neither is ironing. Which is why Ibex merino wool is wrinkle resistant – it’s ready to wear. And did we mention it’s static-proof (less dust and lint), too? So, while there’s weight to our argument that merino is superior to any other fabric known to man or sheep, Ibex is categorically light, without losing its looks.

All hail the chore-resistant woollies

Everyone’s got a trick for getting stains out of clothes. Ours? Oh, just a natural resistant layer that helps prevent them from being absorbed in the first place. Cleaner looking clothes is one thing. And because merino wool is naturally antimicrobial and odor resistant, cleaner smelling is another. That means less regular washing, which is great for the environment. Plus, the merino fibers return to their natural shape after every wear, so there’s also little to no ironing. Stain resistant. Odor resistant. Crease resistant. You could almost call our clothes chore resistant, too.


All of our sheep are non-smokers

Did you know wool is naturally flame resistant? Ibex clothes need to reach around 1000°F before they even think about igniting. Compare that to cotton’s mere 491°F ignition point, and you get the picture. If, for some reason, you did manage to set your Ibex clothes alight, wool is self-extinguishing. It also has a low heat of combustion, and doesn't melt or stick upon burning. So, you can safely stand, sit or even dance around the campfire.

Ever seen a sunburned sheep?

Neither have we. 100% Merino wool knits provide great protection and they’re resistant to sun damage. Our chunkier mid and heavyweights offer UPF 50, while our lightweight range offers around UPF 25. That means, depending on the outfit, only 1/50th or 1/25th of available sun radiation sneaks through to the layers below. So while your muscles might feel the burn as you push for the peak, your skin most certainly won’t.

We’ve (not) been itching
to tell you this

We’re not showing off when we say that merino wool is super fine. It really is the finest-gauge wool you can get – less than 24 microns in diameter, to be precise. Being fine means Ibex clothes are soft on skin and never itchy or irritating. It’s ideal for those with Eczema, and proven against cotton counterparts. It’s also incredibly elastic in nature for comfort and performance. We’d go as far as saying they’re the most damn fine and comfortable wool products you can find.


Wearing Merino next to skin helps thermoregulate your body to keep you warm/cool and dry. Merino midlayers and outerwear continue that effect— performing to help sweat and heat escape when you get going, and keep you warm when you rest.



First Layers



There’s a lot of spring in our step

Like the molecules in your skin and hair, Merino wool contains keratin, which gives clothes natural bend and flex. Micro-curls in the fiber – known as fiber-crimp – add elasticity, resilience and strength. Like a coiled spring, the fibers mirror your every move. You can push them to the limit or give them a gentle workout and they’ll return to their original shape without damage – more than 30,000 times. And although our clothes copy your every move, they’re never clingy. Moisture retention within the fiber means no more sparks or cling, just plenty of spring.

Understanding the Micron

The smaller the micron, the finer the wool fiber. That's what makes Ibex wool ultra-soft and comfortable. Our wool fiber is carefully selected based on specific criteria we outline that are critical for comfort and performance. Our selection process begins long before these Merino fibers are knit and crafted into fabrics, providing superior performance and function.

We spin wool, not stories about sustainability

Merino is biodegradable. Pure and simple. It’s a natural fiber that breaks down over time – some experiments have shown one year* when buried in soil. It’s also antimicrobial. That means it’ll stay cleaner for longer, so you wash it less, using less water. And it’s durable – it won’t fade like other fabrics. And because nature says that rams won’t stop mounting sheep anytime soon, it’s a naturally renewable resource, too.

*Note: if combined with synthetic fibers, it may take longer.
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